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 Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical

International Society for Autonomic Neuorscience 

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The purposes of the association are to facilitate communication between those working in, and to raise the profile of, Autonomic Neuroscience.


ISAN Executive Committee (2015-17)

President: Kevin Shoemaker
Past-President: Vaughan Macefield
Vice-President: Bruno Bonaz
Treasurer: Ann Goodchild
Secretary: James Brock
International Secretary: Keith Brain


Welcome to the home page for ISAN, the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience. Here you will find links to future meetings, past meetings, and opportunities to work or study in autonomic neuroscience.

ISAN promotes dialogue and research dissemination on topics related to the autonomic nervous system, both basic and clinical. Affecting every physiologic system, and highly complex in its anatomy, control, and physiological influence, the autonomic nervous system features importantly in homeostatic responses to a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological stressors: This system keeps us alive. In turn, impairment of autonomic function leads to, or contributes to, a variety of clinical problems that can be highly debilitating and a challenge to study or treat. Through this international association of scientists, clinicians and trainees, we aim to provide a platform for enhanced understanding of this neural system in its diversity and in its impact on physiologic and clinical outcomes.


Kevin Shoemaker

Regional Representatives

Africa: Miran Rakha
Asia: Satoshi Iwase
Australasia: Pascal Carrive
Europe: Christina Nassenstein
North America: Kalyanam Shivkumar
South America: Ana C. Takakura

Representatives at large

Ruy Campos
Harumi Hotta
Nicola Montano
Julian Paton
Mark Stewart

Honorary Vice Presidents

Geoff Burnstock
Chet de Groat
John Furness
Gunnar Wallin
Wilfred Jänig

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ISAN AGM: The 2017 AGM  will be held at the ISAN AGM will be at 15:00-16:00 on Friday 1st September 2017 during the ISAN 2017 congress.

Call for abstracts: Abstract submission for the 2017 meeting is now open. Deadline: 30th April 2017. Deadline extended to 10th May!

Call for symposia (amended): The call for symposia for the 2017 meeting has been extended to the 22nd October. See the conference website.

Call for symposia A call for symposia for the 2017 meeting has opened, with a closing date of the 1st October. See the ISAN 2017 page.

ISAN 2019: We are pleased to announce that the 2019 meeting will be held in Los Angeles, run by a team led by Professors Shivkumar, Ardell and Tache. For more details, see the ISAN 2019 page.

ISAN 2017, Nagoya: This meeting will be held from the 30th August to 2nd September. For more information, see the ISAN 2017 page.

Call for Proposals: ISAN 2019: Calls for formal proposals to host the 11th Congress of ISAN in 2019 are now open, closing 29th February 2016. See the ISAN2019 page for more details.

ISAN 2015, Stresa was enjoyed by more than 450 participants. The society congratulates the local organizing committee for the completion of a successful meeting. There will be more updates, including prize-winners, shortly.

Elseview 2015 Awards; The awards were presented by Prof Burnstock, and assessment by members of the International Programme Committee:
Best Oral Presentation in basic research: Rodrigo del Rio (Chile)
Best Oral Presentation in clinical research: Andrew Owens (UK)
Best Poster Presentation in basic research: Caroline Gusson Shimoura (Brazil)
Best Poster Presentation in clinical research: Isabel Silva (Portugal)

ISAN 2015 Travel Grants

For the 2015 meeting, ISAN travel grants were awarded to:

  • Erika Nishi
  • Ruihao Wangs
  • Andras Garami
  • Musharaf Bashir
  • Nadia Maruyama
  • Andrew Owens
  • Caroline Shimoura
  • Rob Lamberts
  • Takuto Hamaoka
  • Ekawat Vichayanrat
Other travel awards for this meeting were also provided by American Autonomic Society (10 awards) and the Alberto Malliani Association for the Ethics and Research in Medicine (Associazione Alberto Malliani per l’Etica e la Ricerca in Medicina; 8 awards).

The ISAN 2015 Presidential Election will be held by an electronic ballot, commencing on 16th September and open for 10 days. All financial members of the society should received, or will receive, an email containing voting instructions.

The ISAN 2015 AGM will be held, as usual, at the ISAN congress, on Saturday 26th September, 6.30-7.30pm at teh Palazzo dei Congressi di Stresa Piazzale Europa, 3 | 28838 Stresa - VB - Italy

ISAN 2015 Call for Abstracts: Abstract submissions for ISAN 2015 are now open, and will now close on the 1st of May. Please see the ISAN 2015 website for more details.

ISAN 2015 Call for Symposia: The deadline for symposium submissions has been extended until 19th September (2014). Please see the ISAN 2015 page for more details.

ISAN 2014 AGM This is formal notification that the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience AGM for 2014 will occur on Monday 15th September 2014 at the AMREP Education Centre, Melbourne. This meeting has been timed to coordinate with the 2014 Central Cardiovascular and Respiratory Control: Future Directions meeting at the same venue.

ISAN 2017: We are pleased to announce that ISAN 2017 will be held in Nagoya, Japan. For more details, see the ISAN 2017 page.


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