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ISAN 2015:

The next congress of the society will be held in Stresa, Italy, from 26th-29th September, 2015. For further information, see the ISAN 2015 page.

Elsevier Prizes

ISAN is grateful for the sponsorship of Elsevier, the publishers of Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical. The Elsevier Awards for the 2nd joint meeting of ISAN & EFAS were made as follows:

Best Oral Presentation in basic research: Marlene Weber (Germany)
Best Oral Presentation in clinical research: Ajijola Olujimi (US)
Best Poster Presentation in basic research: Klaus Deckmann (Germany)
Best Poster Presentation in clinical research: Svitlana Tymchenko (Ukraine)

ISAN 2013: ISAN would like to thank Wolfgang Kummer and his strong local team for their work in running the ISAN 2013 (in conjunction with EFAS, The German Autonomic Society, and the LOEWE Research Focus Non-neuronal Cholinergic Systems). As well as an excellent range of fundamental and clinical plenary lectures, symposia and poster sessions, there was a plentiful supply of good food that has received strong positive feedback.

ISAN 2013 Travel Grants

For the 2013 meeting, travel grants were awarded to:

Anastasia Borodinova (Russia)
David Gonsalvez (Australia)
Domenico Tupone (US)
Eva Maria Kugler (Germany)
Flavia Del Vecchio (Italy)
Jaime Foong (Australia)
Jennifer Kasemeier-Kulesa (US)
Kathy Schnorbusch (Belgium)
Timo Siepmann (Germany)
Valeria Iodice (UK)



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